The Architect by Matthieu Hamaissi & Marchand De Trucs (Gimmicks Not Included)

The Architect by Matthieu Hamaissi & Marchand De Trucs (Gimmicks Not Included)

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Matthieu Hamaissi is a coin-magic genius who crafts every element of his routines, from premise to performance, with architectural precision. His magic is pure, highly visual, and avoids complicated sleights. In The Architect, Matthieu will guide you through all the details and subtleties that will enable you to present the miracles that are his incredible effects to your audiences.

While coin magic is often difficult to master, requiring many months of practice, the six techniques that Matthieu will teach you in The Architect are simple to learn and will give you results as soon as you start working on them. All the routines are built around the same key ideas, so once you have mastered one effect, you will easily be able to perform the others.


Wild Coin: An incredibly visual performance piece in which three silver coins appear, disappear and travel between your hands in an aesthetically striking sequence. One at a time, the silver coins then transform into copper coins. You hand these to a spectator for a moment, and... What has just happened appears to have been an illusion, as the coins become silver again... Perhaps you dreamed it all...

The Game: A "Which Hand?" effect made up of multiple meticulously crafted phases and a finale in which the magic takes places in your spectator's hands.

Purse: An innovative, visual routine in which you make coins appear and vanish using a prop coin-magic specialists prize particularly highly-the beloved Purse Frame. With its carefully considered construction, "Purse" combines a Purse Frame and a Copper-Silver Coin to brilliant effect.

Ring Coin: The most visually striking routine on this project. After two coins are shown-one copper and one silver-the silver coin instantaneously transforms into a silver ring. With a snap of your fingers, you are left with a copper ring and a silver coin, which you set down on a table, only for your spectators to realize that the two coins with which you began have now turned into a copper ring and a silver ring. Although it's hard to do justice to the purity of this effect in only a few lines, once you've seen it, you'll want to add it to your repertoire immediately.

Smoke: A beautiful routine in which coins vanish and reappear in the smoke from an e-cigarette... If you prefer magical puffs of air, the effect works just as well...

Wild Purse: A medley of visual appearances, transformations and vanishes using a Purse Frame.

The Architect will introduce you to an approach to coin magic that is unbelievable, subtle and highly visual. These three qualities perfectly summarize the explosive routines you now have the opportunity to learn and perform for your audiences.


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