Ron Martin - The Numerologist's Notebook
Ron Martin - The Numerologist\'s Notebook

Ron Martin - The Numerologist's Notebook

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If you're new to mentalism, readings, and/or The Pro Shop, AND you're not already familiar with the name "Ron Martin" (and you definitely should be), you can read what I wrote about him elsewhere on this site for his other ground-breaking books. In a nutshell, the mentalism community would be a very different place today if it weren't for Ron's contributions over the years.

To be honest, I thought we'd released the last of Ron Martin's books when we published his Handwriting Analysis package a while ago, but over the course of time it's all too easy to remember what we have on our shelves. And so it happened that one day while I was looking for something completely different, I stumbled across my copy of Ron's definitive work on numerology readings. I don't know about you, but I tend to be a completist when it comes to some things, and so I immediately began working on getting this last (as far as I know) work of Ron's ready for sharing with readers and mentalists around the world.

Originally published as "Cashing in on Numerology" back in the 1990s, Ron once told me that he hadn't picked the title and wasn't 100% happy with it. So the book has been re-titled to fit nicely with the other books in Ron's seminal Notebook series, and I like to think that wherever Ron is, he would approve.

What's In The Book, Man?

As Ron writes in The Numerologist's Notebook, "A good numerologist will be able to travel to almost anyplace in the world and give readings for a fee. It is a superior skill to have at hand. Minimally, all you need is some paper and a pen or pencil." I would be so bold as to say that once you have the basic system memorized -- which is not hard at all, using Ron's system -- you could deliver convincing mini-readings even if you didn't have pen and paper. Using the system Ron lays out along with the included tick sheets, however, you could easily give readings lasting anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour.

Ron also points out in the book that while the system is designed for face-to-face readings, you could also use it for mail and telephone readings. Bear in mind that Ron wrote that in the 1990s, but I'm willing to bet that if he were around today, he'd include email and Zoom/Skype sessions as well.

Here's a partial list of what Ron covers in this book:

  • Numerology History

  • Birth Name Number

  • Karmic Numbers

  • Basic Issues You'll See Over and Over

  • Personal Year Number

  • Negatives

  • Master Numbers

  • Psychology of the Numerologist/Client Relationship

  • Sample Readings

  • Two Cheat Sheets

  • Giving Classes

  • Tick Sheet

Learn From A Master

Granted, you could teach yourself a lot of that just by reading a bunch of websites, but Ron's simple and concise approach plus his years of real world experience makes this book a no-brainer. As one example, Ron shares his method for identifying which part of your reading is of special interest to your client -- an invaluable technique which allows you to expand on that topic, which in turn will enhance your client's perception of your psychic prowess.

Another example: Ron not only gives you an outline of how to present classes, he provides you with a script you can use as an introduction for the classes. Now, in full disclosure, Ron admits he never presented classes on numerology, but he did plenty of palmistry and Tarot classes, so he knew what he was writing about. I, however, have presented workshops on numerology using Ron's approach, and I can tell you from experience that they were very popular.

Ron's #1 Secret... and more

In the section on the "Psychology of the Numerologist/Client Relationship", Ron shares his #1 secret to getting the client to like you... and as you might imagine, this can often be the key to repeat business and referrals. And, I would strongly suggest, the failure to use Ron's advice is one of the biggest factors that both novice and experienced readers just don't understand. This secret, combined with the body language tips Ron includes, made him one of the most effective readers of his time... and it could do the same for you.

Aside from the information he shared in his writings, one of the reasons I became a Ron Martin "completist" and bought everything he put out was that I just plain appreciated his writing style. Both folksy and simple to understand, reading any book by Ron is the next best thing to talking to him in person, and for my money, he was one of the most interesting people I've had the good fortune to know.

The Proverbial Soup to Nuts

Whether you have never given a numerology reading or you've been doing it for years, Ron's book has you covered. For the beginner, the "Getting Started" section lays out everything from learning the material all the way to developing an income stream, and for the seasoned numerologist there are plenty of "Aha" moments that will make this e-book well worth the price of admission.

 Ron Martin - The Numerologist's Notebook


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