Modern Mentalism by Luke Jermay

Modern Mentalism by Luke Jermay

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Modern Mentalism by Luke Jermay


Mentalists: This book is the one you've been waiting for. Jermay's routine 'Touching on Divination' – a prop-free mind reading routine – is finally explained in full detail and it's worth the price of this book alone. A 30 minute show all by itself, Jermay has been performing this phenomenon in his stage shows for years – London, Vegas, Paris – even the Edinburgh Fringe. This is not one to be missed. 

Imagine reading the innermost thoughts of someone you’ve just met. From a card they’ve chosen right through to what their favourite toy was as a child. Even the thoughts they’re having right as you speak to them – thoughts they wouldn’t usually give voice to. 

Imagine being able to see through someone else’s eyes – duplicating a drawing they’ve made that only they could possibly see. Demonstrating an affinity with them through a drawing that links to an untold memory. 

Imagine influencing objects to move in the hands of a spectator – controlling subconscious movements that reveal their thinking. Are they lying? Are they thinking of that card? Do they have control over anything when you’re around? 

Imagine no longer. Luke Jermay makes it all a reality with his newest book – Modern Mentalism. 

Jermay continually crosses the chasm between his mind and his spectators', creating an undeniable link that is the backbone of each of his routines, and he teaches you to make these routines your own. This is not just a book of ‘effects’ – this is more than enough material for an entire show, every single word, every single nuance of Jermay’s craft shared for the first time. 

These highly anticipated secrets have had mentalists begging Jermay to release a tell-all book, but until now, these secrets have been known only to a select few – some of the biggest names in the industry. Whether you’re just getting into mentalism, or you routinely pack out whole theaters with your shows – this is a book that needs to be number one on your wish list. 


Ten Person Drawing Replication. 

A powerful routine to perform in almost any setting from a large theatre to a living room. This routine featured in Luke’s 2013 stage show, and has never been shared in print or any other form. 

Touching on Divination. 

This is it. The anywhere, anytime mind reading routine in two phases. This chapter would without a doubt be the talking point of the book as it will gain attention from all levels of mentalism fans. Luke believes it to probably be the most ‘clever’ thing he has ever created and something that shows his thinking in a very good light. This single routine would be enough to fill a feature length DVD in its content – and is actually a full, 30 minute show in its own right. 


This is a deeply powerful presentational hook that again, has never been shared in any form, in which the performer causes a spectator’s heart beat to perfectly synchronise with his own. 

Everyday ESP.

A three phase routine with the Zenner ESP deck and a pendulum, with a drawing duplication kicker. This is Luke’s opening routine for a close up setting. Very strong, very simple – in fact, so easy anyone could do it – but it teaches many valuable lessons about modern mentalism. 

Instant Memory. 

One for the card magicians out there. In this routine Jermay gives a believable premise to the Berglas effect. A deck of cards is quickly spread and then closed in front of a spectator as the performer explains the power of the subconscious – that even in that second, the spectator's brain has remembered the position of every single card in the deck. A card is called out by a second spectator, and the first spectator is asked to reach deep into their subconscious before simply touching the back of any card. Will they choose right? A utility routine that can be used for countless ACAAN effects. 

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