Hoang Doan & Danny Goldsmith - Beast
Hoang Doan & Danny Goldsmith - Beast

Hoang Doan & Danny Goldsmith - Beast

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Why was Beast created? 

A few months ago Danny’s friend Hoang Doan sent him a collection of coin magic based on a fascinating new move. 

As soon as Danny watched the project, he was instantly inspired and asked Hoang if he could partner with him to work on and release this project. 

The result is a collection of routines and ideas that are entirely unique—and we can guarantee they include ideas you’ve NEVER seen before. 

What’s included in the project? 


1. Cannon Coins 

Three coins travel one at a time to a glass.

The first coin visibly falls into the glass from nowhere, the second travels even after you show your hand empty, and the third visibly ‘pops’ into appearance even with the glass turned over!

In this tutorial, Hoang also discusses the problem with most ‘coins to glass’ routines and how the final phase of this routine solves that problem.


2. Danny’s Coins to Glass

Three coins travel one at a time to a glass.

Up until now, Danny has never released any work on this classic effect…but he was so inspired by Hoang’s thinking that he couldn’t stop coming up with ideas for these routines. 

Danny also teaches a simplified variation for anyone who has difficulties with one of the moves in the base method. 


3. Coins Through Glass

Three coins melt through solid glass one at a time. You can even hear the last coin tapping the outside of the glass before it goes!

In this tutorial, Hoang reveals the best kind of glass to use for this effect (believe it or not, using the right kind of glass will actually do a lot of the hard work for you!) and how large a glass you should use (this will vary person to person.)

You’ll also learn an incredibly simple sound manipulation technique that will make you smile when you realize how easy it is. 


4. Danny’s Coins Through Glass

Three coins melt through solid glass one at a time. You literally SEE the second coin as it melts through the bottom of the glass.

Danny teaches a whole handful of ways to handle this routine, depending on your preferences. For example, he’ll teach how you can visibly show your audience the last coin before it appears on the other side of the glass!


5. Metal Bending

Hoang uses a drop of water to make three coins appear and then disappear, with a kicker ending we didn’t see coming.

(This routine uses gaffs. You may have some or all of them already.)

6. Phantom Coins

Hoang makes three coins appear and disappear one at a time, only to make all three come back all at once. Incredibly visual.

(This routine uses one super common gaff that many of you will already have.)

7. Special Coin Cannon

A beautifully direct coin through glass.

This routine is quick but very cleverly constructed so that every move is motivated and practically invisible. 

You’ll also learn…

1. HD Grip

A beautiful palm that lets you display the hand completely empty front and back. Hoang teaches three ways to get into this palm.

2. Cannon Pass

A very deceptive way to make a coin jump into view from a seemingly empty hand. 

Hoang teaches you multiple ways to perform this move, depending on what suits your hand best. 

  • A classic coin magic training tip that will help you make any palm (including the HD grip) look and feel natural

3. *** Pass

Hoang’s move is amazing, but it’s not easy and will definitely take you some time to get down. To help you get started in the meantime, Danny created a simplified variation that is so simple you should be able to start using it instantly. It also looks just as good as the original move, and it’s what Danny uses in all the performances you’ll see on this page. 

NOTE: All of Hoang’s routines can be adapted using this technique—so you can get started performing immediately while you work on mastering Hoang’s move.  

A lot of the work in this project is based on an incredible move of Hoang’s. On studying, Danny found an alternative that is potentially easier and got really excited about the possibilities. A simplified variation.


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