Whisper by Ken Dyne
Whisper by Ken Dyne

Whisper by Ken Dyne

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Ken Dyne - Whisper
Published in stunning hard back, 'Whisper' is an underground marvel of mentalism. For just over 2 years now Ken and some of his closest friends have used Whisper to dumbfound audiences and generate mind blowing reactions.
What Is Whisper?
ken dyne's whisperSimply put its a method to have one volunteer clearly and openly read the mind of someone else. A gentleman standing in the audience thinks of a word. The lady on stage is coached in how to decipher the man's thought. She agrees that her choice is a free and fair one, that you have not at any time told her the answer. She starts to write on the pad in her hands. Your back is turned, yet you ask her at this last moment to 'change her mind'. The lady tears off the paper and starts to write a new thought. Again she confirms this was a choice she made just now, and you have genuinely never met before. The man announces his word and...the lady turns the pad to show that's exactly what she wrote. Important things to note:
There is absolutely no preshow.
There is no stooging.
There is nothing written on the pad to 'cue' anyone.
You coach the lady by whispering in to her ear (theatrically amazing moment right here).
The lady's expression of amazement proves that she is also totally blown away (and she really is!).
Contributions from Colin McLeod, Patrick Redford, Mark Elsdon, Marc Salem, and Michael Murray
Only 150 copies were printed and there will be NO MORE.
WHISPER is not a method for 'getting' the information a spectator is thinking of. We already have a zillion ways of doing this whether it be a word from a book or an old word that a volunteer writes down. Instead, Whisper IS an extremely direct way to have it so that instead of you revealling the thought, a second volunteer does. Several methods are discussed in the book but the method I perform is absolutely no stooging at all, and plays extremely strongly in every single show I perform. No hypey, sales-lies I literally do perform this in every show. This is a professional routine from the acts of many full time performers. It comes professionally laid-out in hard back, delivered to your door

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