The Subliminal Peek by Jerome Finley

The Subliminal Peek by Jerome Finley

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The Subliminal Peek by Jerome Finley

"The Subliminal Peek" billet reading system is the latest personal offering straight from the mind and working repertoire of visionary performance artist and world class mind reader Jerome Finley.

In this incredible new ebook you`ll learn Jerome`s own pet system, secret methods and preferred techniques for secretly reading the information contained on a single billet, index or business card with no folding, no tearing, no switches, no sleight of hand, no set-up, no "get ready" involved, no gaffs, no gimmicks…no nonsense!

If you`re looking for a fantastic and surefire impromptu method for harvesting information, stealing thoughts and peeking billets in real time right beneath your spectator`s noses then look no further!

"The Subliminal Peek" billet reading system showcases Jerome`s own 13 methods for invisibly reading billets and divining the specific thoughts of your audience members, clients and active participants under any conditions in real time.

The system has been refined, developed and tested repeatedly over nearly two decades of professional REAL WORLD experience and countless performances to be more effective, efficient, invisible, practical and lethal in its use than any other collection, system or combination of techniques used or seen anywhere else in the world today…but don`t take our word for it!

Below are just a few of the glowing reviews, quotes, praise and testimonials given to me unsolicited by actual buyers, pillars in the community and trusted comrades in the field including the likes of Luke Jermay, Neal Scryer, Alain Nu, Peter Turner, Sean Bott, Craig Browning, Bill Cushman, Luca Volpe, Dee Christopher, Fraser Parker, Pablo Amira, Andreu, Daniel Ulin and several other notables in the combined art and world community of magic, mentalism, hypnosis and psychic entertainment.

Check out what the pros are saying about "The Subliminal Peek" below!

"Jerome has ONCE AGAIN cemented his place in the history of our fine craft.He has established and re-established himself time and time again as a creator and performer of cutting edge material. Here he applies his vision to the most important technique for the psychic entertainer; billets. They, along with us, emerge better, stronger and more evolved as a result. No mentalist`s library could be called complete without Jerome`s works and this new collection should take pride of place on your bookcase!" - Luke Jermay


"Jerome and his lasting works are not from this current generation, he`s far ahead of his time. We`re fortunate to have access to the man and his material. I love this peek, it simply kicks ass! I consider this another prime example of Jerome`s pure genius and how he applies it for our benefit. He`s a time traveling doctor and a psychic scholar come back from another age!" - Neal Scryer


"Jerome, awesome treatment, my friend! The level of detail included in your most recent TSP study makes it inspirational in so many ways. The most important being that in no way does anything the participant is made to do, appears as if it has anything to do with the mind-reader/performer`s insights. 
The fluidity of the system discussed is where the value is here. The several methods that are also detailed are all very good and provides many super-efficient ways for someone who doesn`t already have a go-to method. But your treatment gives a blow by blow understanding of the entire process that will put anyone who reads this at the top of their own game, and (I dare say) will give invaluable experience to even a beginner."- Alain Nu


"I was always a tremendous believer in the fact that Richard Busch`s "Peek Performances" and"Peek Encores" were the best books on the subject. They have always been my favorite, but they are now my SECOND go-to resources on the subject matter at hand and Jerome`s TSP is my now my first choice and my favorite. 
I couldn`t take everything in on the first read through, there`s just so much stuff inside here! I loved the wallet peeks, the book peeks, the envelope peeks, the straightforward billet work, the presentations, the principles, the subtleties and everything else that`s inside.

I will be revisiting this book as much as I revisit PME by Annemann. I honestly don`t mind what anyone else says, reviews or quotes regarding this release. Nothing could change my opinion. This is the bee`s knees!"– Peter Turner


"Gentleman, put down your peek wallets, and stop your violence towards folded slips of paper as you viciously tear them apart to reach the valuable mind treasure inside.

There is something so pristine about handing someone a business card, a pen, and commencing to blow their minds with no folding, no gimmicks & no guilt.

In TSP Jerome tips crazy powerful, clean and organic methods of doing what we all have to do as mentalists, peeking hidden and secret info.

I had the privilege of seeing Jerome using just one of the many methods taught in this book a few months back and I grinned like a kitten in an opium den! It was so **** clean, clever and cogent. No moves, folds, or justification – just a hilariously clean, perfectly motivated and powerfully fooling moment. It was like learning a double lift was possible all over again!

This is the most exciting work on peeking I have ever read. Period."
- Sean Bott, Corporate Mind Reader & College Entertainer

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