Subliminal Kentonism by Kenton Knepper

Subliminal Kentonism by Kenton Knepper

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Kenton Knepper – Subliminal Kentonism

The Legacy of Kenton and Kentonism Continues.

"This is awesome material! It's an incredible bargain at $50!" – Mike Vance, Editor

"I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful addition your new book Subliminal Kentonism has been to my Kenton Library. Your techniques are truly wonderful and ground-breaking. If anyone says they are unsure, when the techniques you teach I happen to know are used in front of huge crowds, as well as on television, then they will never see the strength of this material…nor do they deserve to see it. I KNOW from years of performance what this work means to all kinds of entertainment." – Richard Tenace

Imagine speaking some nonsense words, or saying something under your breath, and audience members start doing your bidding…

The original Kentonism caused a stir and became a major part of the acts of performers, large and small, around the world. The original Kentonism changed how people performed trance routines, trance illusion and secret influence.

Subliminal Kentonism takes Kentonism, trance illusion routines, and seeming secret influence to new levels. Based upon a lifetime of learning and performing, Kenton reveals his secrets and those of his own teachers.

According to the dictionary definition "Subliminal" influence is "Subconscious, unconscious, below conscious awareness, hidden, concealed." All of these descriptions are at work in the effect and methodology of Subliminal Kentonism.

If you don't know what Kentonism is yet, don't fret. You don't have to know about it at all (although you really ought to have the original Kentonism too – it's a completely different thing).

In short, the performer utters some strange, seemingly nonsense words, pausing for them to sink in, mumbling a few things, making more nonsense noises, and then…the participants are seen to be entirely influenced by the performer!

Here are just some of the things you will do with Subliminal Kentonism:

* Perform a hypnosis type routine or act without hypnosis, without fear of failure or risk of exposure.

* Use subliminal influence or low talk to cause people to act as if they are hypnotized, even though they are not.

* Openly expose what you are doing and still fool the audience completely. This is practical work, not theory or wishful thinking.

* Cause participants to read the minds of people in the audience.

* A blindfolded spectator acts like a Mind Reading Medium and calls out objects audience members are holding up. Much of this work Kenton has kept hidden from all mentalists until now. You will be stunned by these diabolical original methods.

* A participant listens to Subliminal audio music (for your phone or any audio player) and instantly becomes influenced by telepathic thoughts shown to the audience. They seem hypnotized, able to pick up and act on telepathic ideas they cannot see written, and even Read Minds.

* Perform a novel Chair effect where audience members sit naturally in a row of chairs, only to realize they are in chairs that are the same color as their clothing! Subliminal influence at work. NO OUTS. NO PRESHOW.

* During an apparently typical trick, such as Cards Across, a participant is subliminally influenced to FEEL cards as they go into their hand, or JUMP UP each time a card vanishes, to the amusement of everyone. The trick turns into an act of hilarious influence, not a standard trick like everyone else does.

* People shuffle and freely pick any card, but the performer shows that secret subliminal influence has caused them to choose the card they took. This is surefire and cannot fail.

* Write on a whiteboard or card easel directions only the audience can see, like "Be a DOG!" and the influenced participants who cannot see the front of the sign act out everything that is written! It is telepathy, it is hypnosis, it is subliminal influence…and it is EASY.

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