Silent Control by Rick Lax & Alan Wong

Silent Control by Rick Lax & Alan Wong

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Silent Control by Rick Lax & Alan Wong Create an UNFORGETTABLE experience demonstrating control over your spectator's mind AND BODY. 

Be honest.

Part of you…wants to have…COMPLETE CONTROL over TOTAL STRANGERS.  

Don’t feel guilty; A LOT of people wants this. That’s why so many people study hypnosis and body language cues and NLP. That’s why books like THE 48 LAWS OF POWER and THE ART OF WAR and UNLIMITED POWER sell SO MANY copies, year after year. Everyone wants to control other people.

Well, what if you could control people…without saying a word? And what if you could DEMONSTRATE this power, for ANYONE at ANY TIME?

You can. I know it for a fact. And that’s because I’ve performed SILENT CONTROL enough times to know THIS TRICK WORKS AND IT FREAKS PEOPLE OUT. Seriously, after you do this trick, people look at you differently. It’s that good.

Here’s how it looks:

You tear off two pieces of paper from a small pad. You write “STRONG” on one of the pieces and “WEAK” on the other piece. Whenever your friend stares at the “STRONG” paper, they have incredible strength. You can’t push their arm down or push them over no matter how hard you try. BUT THEN, when you show them the “WEAK” piece of paper, and EVERYTHING CHANGES. Their arm COMES RIGHT DOWN with tiniest amount of force. They lose their balance and STUMBLE OVER with the tiniest amount of pressure. In fact, they grow so weak…they CAN’T EVEN TEAR THE PIECE OF PAPER they’ve been staring at…

…until you restore their strength, at which point they can tear paper easily.

My favorite thing about SILENT CONTROL is that it doesn’t just ‘work’ for the other people watching. THE PERSON YOU ACTUALLY USE for this trick…WILL HAVE NO IDEA HOW ANY OF IT WORKS. They don’t know how or why they’re gaining and losing incredible strength. In fact, they’re MORE convinced than everyone else that they’ve been TOTALLY HYPNOTIZED by the POWER OF THE WRITTEN WORD.

If you’ve ever wanted to feel what it’s like to have complete control over other people…now’s your chance. It’s easy and it works.


P.S., Quantities of this gimmick are very limited. We’ll have more gimmicks in stock a couple of weeks from now, so if you can wait that long, no rush. But if you want to get your hands on this amazing routine right now, I suggest that you act fast.

Manufacturer Says

In 1884, Dixie Haygood (aka the "Georgia Magnet"), performed several demonstrations in which she seemingly 'zapped' the strength of men by using psychological and physical trickery. Walter B Gibson (publicly) revealed that she used 'force deflection' to create the illusion of zapped strength, and then, decades later, in 1980, John Fisher detailed Haygood's 'force deflection' methods in Body Magic. 

In the January 1968 issue of MUM, Harry C. Bjorklund described how to create a gimmick that would render a spectator so weak that he was unable to even tear a sheet of paper. His method appeared the following year in the Linking Ring. In the 1980s, Jim Klein manufactured a version of this gimmick for gospel magicians, and Wayne Dobson fleshed out more secular uses of the pad in Dobson's Choice-The Sequel. In 2012, Alan Wong began manufacturing this gimmick with a smaller size and fully invisible appearance. 

I worked with Ryan Stock and AmeberLynn to combine the 'Georgia Magnet principles' with the Wong gimmick and create the routine Silent Control, which was filmed in 2016. The following year Lior Manor filmed a Penguin Live lecture in which he performed a very entertaining routine titled "Weak and Strong" described as "10 minutes of laughs and amazement while you reveal the first kiss of a woman." His routine, too, incorporated the two principles-the latter in passing. Lior described the routine as, "Things that I took from many, many, many places and put it together for a very commercial routine that I used for many years." 

I've been advised that Keith Barry, Michael Weber, Tim Trono, Michael Close and Sebastien Clergue, have all worked on 'sympathetic' routines incorporating the Bjorklund gimmick and/or the Georgia Magnet principles. 

-Rick Lax

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