Self Working Card Tricks by Nate Kranzo

Self Working Card Tricks by Nate Kranzo

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Self Working Card Tricks by Nate Kranzo

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Kranzo is known as one of the most creative minds in magic. Consulting for magicians all over the world for decades.

Here he tells you why you need to start performing self-working card tricks, regardless of your skill level in magic. 

Did you know?… Some of the most powerful magic you can perform is completely self-working. 

Nate Kranzo equips you with 12 solid miracles that are guaranteed to get amazing reactions. 
Most can be performed with a borrowed deck. Anytime, anywhere. With some effects taking place in the spectators OWN hands
Whether you're familiar with the fundamentals or not, this download is designed to give you a solid-foundation in magic. 

- No sleights 
- No memory work 
- No perfect faros 
- Easy to perform, but STRONG enough for a working Pro

Featuring expert teaching from a true legend in magic, Nate takes your hand and guides you through each routine in exquisite detail. 

Allowing you to borrow a deck and perform without painstaking practice. 

Learn TODAY.

You'll master these effects in minutes:

Blue Poker
1 Blue Jacks visually re-appears to join the other 3 Blue Jacks. When you get rid of the rogue card four times it's revealed that the other 3 Jacks have changed to RED cards.

Sticky Pockets
Two signed selections vanish from the deck and appear impossibly in two separate pockets.

Card Thru Shoe
You forcefully stamp on a spectators selected card and show the card has penetrated your shoe. The card and shoe are immediately examinable.

Marlovator (Ace, 2, 3)
Three cards sink and rise through the deck with just a snap, like they're riding an elevator.

Easy Card Stab
Swiftly stab your lucky card into the deck to find a spectators random selection. NEVER fails.

Hanky Sandwich
Successfully predict a spectators signed card, then watch as one queen finds it and another appears to sandwich the selection in the deck.

Deal With It Aces
The spectator freely deals to the 4 aces in 4 separate piles of cards. Perfect as a psuedo-gambling demonstration.

Quarter Pack
A borrowed quarter melts through the spectators hands & deck, stopping at one card. THEIR selection.

Triple 6
A baffling routine where the spectator stabs 3 cards into different parts of the deck. Each card they've stabbed next to is a 6. Coincidence? We think not.

The spectator deals you a pretty good hand of poker. 3 of a kind, not too shabby. But when they check the hand they've been left with, it's a Royal flush.

Rossini Behind Your Back
A series of fast snaps make the 4 aces appear behind your back. The spectator is handed the deck and with a snap of their fingers, causes their card to turn face up too.

Blind Luck
The deck is blindfolded and you reach under to pull out 4 cards from different parts of the deck. They're revealed to be the 4 aces.

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