Paul Brook LIVE Penguin LIVE

Paul Brook LIVE Penguin LIVE

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Paul Brook LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

Learn brilliant, cutting edge mentalism with practical, real world methods!

"I love Paul's approach to mentalism. He always comes at things from new angles and with a practical real world method. That, today, is refreshing." - John Archer


"Brilliant out of the box thinking, contemporary, cutting edge and, in many cases, original. Paul Brook has been a force in mentalism for over 10 years. His approach is always direct, uncluttered and wonderfully presented." - Marc Spelmann


"Definitely one to watch and enjoy! Paul Brook is a major creative talent in magic and mentalism, and has absolutely wonderful material to share. Best of all, he isn’t too ‘over-exposed’. So many of his unique ideas, concepts and creations will probably be new to you. This is going to be great!" - Ian Rowland


"Paul is one of the good guys. He’s able to create fresh and interesting approaches to mentalism and has the ability to present them to his audiences in engaging and intriguing ways. What I really like about his thinking is that he always creates effects that are practical and commercial. In other words, you’ll use them. I’m sure he’ll teach you some great effects and you’ll learn a lot from watching him perform. Enjoy!" - Marc Paul


"Paul Brook’s work in mentalism, with its origins in a deep professional study of genuine psychology, is fascinating and inspiring. He bridges the gap between the modern and traditional styles of performance, with material that is rooted in real human behaviour, whilst still practical and workable. At their best, his effects undo the audience’s every expectation about the format of a ‘trick’, whilst still retaining their ‘real world’ edge." - Phill Smith


"Paul’s body of work and presentation style has been a huge influence on me. His attention to detail and exquisite exploitation of the tiniest subtleties have led to him creating some beautiful miracles, several of which I have used close-up, on stage and on radio. Prolific as a creator, generous with ideas and a complete gentleman, too, his work demands any serious mystery performers’ attention." -Anthony Jacquin


What will he teach?


Brook Test

An any word 'book test' with the added twist that the book is genuinely borrowed.


Pen Game

A simple game with a ball-point pen demonstrates that maybe not all of your choices are as free as you might think.



A drawing duplication with a twist: the participant thinks of a random word and you can tell them.


Dog-Eared Switch

A way to switch out a prediction right under their nose.


Locked In Thought

A completely normal lock is inspected and held by the participant. The participant inputs a new combination and the performer is able to divine the number.



Two people think of a number, a random number, and write it down, both numbers match!


One in the Hand

The performer holds out his closed fist. The participant is asked to name any coin and imagine a red letter ‘X’ on one side. The performer opens his hand to reveal that exact coin and a permanent marker red ‘X’ on the side called for. The coin can be kept by the participant. 


Who is he?


Paul was previously a psychologist before becoming a full time entertainer; twelve years later he still loves the decision to enter showbiz. 


Aside from an impressive list of clients and a performing all over the world, Paul is known for being a creator of modern mentalism that is divergent in thinking and yet real-world workable.


Having written more than twenty books on the subject of mentalism, it’s easy to see why Paul is also kept busy consulting behind the scenes for both television and theatre shows alike.


It isn’t just mentalism effects that Paul has become known for. Drawing on his psychological education and knowledge, he analyses the theoretical applications of mentalism and his stand alone book on mentalism theory ‘The Alchemical Tools’ is considered a modern classic.


Paul seldom lectures and over the past few years has gone ‘underground’ as far as the magic community is concerned. This rare lecture will see Paul sharing a number of his favorite effects and the theory behind them.


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