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Bill Montana – Past Life


About this work.

The work behind this manuscript took place shortly after I began working in

metaphysical channeling back during the 1980s wherein I made a good name for myself.

During this period I worked under another name as many of us who were involved with

these lines of work did. This increased reputation allowed me to do many things that

other psychic could not do including charge large sums for a single session. From

Channeling I soon began to work with past-life-therapy which at this point was

becoming the next big thing in the new age movement.

Now at first much of what was known then was a set of methods that relied on creative

visualization which was not working very well in all cases. In other words the results

were weak at best. This also created another problem how can one charge real money for

creative visualization that has no experience behind it. Even an artificial experience that

yielded to more than just one of the creative senses would be okay.

Now as many of you who are aware I am somewhat of an observer of the effects of

stimuli upon the human mind and body. It did not take me too long to put together a

completely new construct methodology that would become so diabolic in its simplicity

and do to this simplest I would not share it for many years. Until now.

While writing this work there were countless revisions to keep this work as simple as

possible with out bogging the reader down with a bunch of information at the end of the

day do nothing but confuse the issue at hand. While its simple it was extremely hard for

me to put down on paper this resulted in endless delays in getting this work done. This

was do in part to the lack of terminology and finding the right words to use. Hopefully

this time I find out a way to share this diabolic secret with you and hopefully you will

realize that there are many things you can do with the principles set forth here in besides

just past lives.

Please note the 132 other versions of this manuscript drafts have been deleted and no

longer exist in any form the printed copies have all been shredded and burned. Besides it

took me till version 133 which is this version to get it right. Sometimes the simpler stuff

is the hardest to explain.

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