Multiplying Balls for the Street By Pop Haydn (Instant Download)

Multiplying Balls for the Street By Pop Haydn (Instant Download)

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Multiplying Balls for the Street By Pop Haydn (Instant Download) A Great Routine to Draw a Crowd

Whit "Pop" Haydn developed a way to do the Multiplying Billiard Balls in the 1960's when he was performing on the streets of New York City for tips. 

Working under various difficult angles, and with the help of an experienced performer named Presto, eventually Whit was able adapt his routine to a number of different situations. 

Stories from those days are told in his booklet "Street Magic."

This same multiplying ball routine enabled him to perform the trick in cocktail parties and walk-around and even, under the right conditions, in the round. 

There are no body loads, no body steals. Everything works out of the pockets. It is great for trouser pockets, nylon or leather jacket side pockets, sports coat pockets, etc.

The moves are simple, though they require some work. 

This is a good first routine for someone just getting into the multiplying balls, but the advanced student will find this a solid structure for a nearly impromptu routine. 

In this video, Pop teaches every detail of his routine, and the psychology, as well as his patter. 

The routine works silently or with music, but it lends itself especially well to patter for walk around and parlor situations.

Pop also teaches several methods to use the routine to draw a crowd and teaches how to "steal an angle" when working situations change. 

The presentation is fun and quick and blows people away. This trick doesn't look like showing off, but it establishes skill and credibility right away. 

Pop teaches a method for cleanly putting the balls and shell away without exposing the shell, and making all four balls look normal and natural.

It also leaves the magician in position to begin the routine again.

As in all of Pop Haydn's teaching videos there is a lot more of value than just the routine, and this is a great routine.

"It's a perfect routine!" ~Jeff McBride

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