Morevelope 2.0 by Bill Montana

Morevelope 2.0 by Bill Montana

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Bill Montana & Pablo Amira

Morevelope is one of the sneakiest and bold p**k envelopes
ever devised.

With Morevelope you can do more than many of the other
envelopes on the market today.

Morevelope can be made in seconds and can be used several

Gives you a full b****t p**k!

The envelope can openly be displayed back and front.

In this document you will not only find the classic
Morevelope, but several new ideas also (including Morevelope

Enjoy Montana's creations with envelopes and added ideas by
Pablo Amira.


1. Morevelope: The classic Montana�s peek envelope.

2. Morevelope 2.0: More ideas with this beautiful tool.

3. WPS (Worker's Prediction System): A no assistant and
cheap way to predict anything in an envelope for your show.

4 SIXVOLOPES : Montana's take on Bank Night using some
clever principles.

5. Five Card ESP Prediction: Predict 5 random ESP symbols on
a sealed envelope.

6. Precognition and the roll of a die: A freely decided
number using a die and a proof of your precognitive

7. ESPeriment #1: A quick and simple ESP symbols opener for
close up or even for stage.

If you are interested in simple tools for powerful
mentalism, be sure to check Morevelope 2.0.


"Pablo is a rising star. This new venture with Bill Montana
is another great brilliant work, the combination is
devastating. I highly recommend this."
Neal Scryer

"This is beautiful! Finally an envelope that is easy to make
and to use! This will surely become a classic piece of
Millard Longman

"I am a little obsessed with the use of envelopes and I
immediately got it! Well, I am speaking honestly…this is
CLEVER!! I LOVE the idea and the construction of the
envelope is sooo easy that you can even do on the go! The
new ideas are really great and I am sure as soon you will
get this document your head will start to spin! Thanks guys!
Great work as always Pablo!"
Luca Volpe

This is a very clever envelope idea using pay envelopes,
though the idea can certainly be used for just about any
size envelope. The envelope can be shown front and back and
no one should suspect anything out of the ordinary. Also,
as the blurb points out, it is fairly easy to make and can
be constructed quite quickly. It cannot be done in front of
any spectators and must be done well before the performance.

Unfortunately, I was less than impressed with the rest of
the booklet. The routines included are standard routines as
used with this novel gimmick. I didn't see anything
revolutionary, nor did I see any clever adaptations. But
they work and they certainly give the purchaser an idea of
the types of routines that can be used with this.

Also, I will mention that it is hard to read some of this in
places. It could have used a good editor. As an example,
here's the effect description of "Five Card E.S.P.

"The mentalist predicts via a sealed envelope handed out to
the audience of five cards selected by another member form
an audience shuffled E.S.P. deck."

Huh? Now, after reading the effect I could figure out just
what the author meant. However, that doesn't make the
description any less awkward. And, this being a PDF, this
description may be corrected after I've written this and
before you purchase it. Still, this isn't the only place
and I am a high school English who notices these things.

What's important, though, is the construction and
workability of the envelope. So far as I know, I have not
seen this idea in print. For the price, this sixty-seven
page downloadable PDF is well worth investing in to have
this in one's arsenal.

PLEASE NOTE: This item is a digital download ,Gimmick not included

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