Killer Epic by Whit Haydn
Killer Epic by Whit Haydn

Killer Epic by Whit Haydn

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This is definitely not your father’s Mental Epic -- it's the best on the market. Bar none! That's it! End of story! killer epic is bigger, better, funnier, more baffling, involves your entire audience, and features a finish that is nothing short of spectacular! Yes, Whit Haydn has taken the old Mental Epic to the next level and beyond! Allow us to elaborate:

Performer announces that his mentalism skills are actually somewhat limited, that he will be depending on the ESP of the audience members instead! Using the jumbo slate, he first writes a three-number prediction and covers it. Then he asks three audience members to choose a digit, each of which he writes down underneath his prediction.

Next, the performer makes a second prediction, writes it on the slate and covers it. He then tosses a coin to the audience. While his back is turned, the audience is instructed to pass the coin back and forth randomly until they hear him say “Stop!” The person who ends up with the coin is asked to toss it and call “Heads” or “Tails.” Performer again writes the results on the slate below his prediction.

Performer writes a final prediction, covers it, and throws a banded deck of cards to three audience members and has them each peek at a card, memorize it, and stand up. (They do not disclose their card!)

The performer then proceeds to reveal the covered panels on the slate. The audience is understandably impressed when the first two predictions match, right down to the initials of the individual who tossed the coin! But the audience is flabbergasted when performer reveals the names of the three cards and says, “If any of you standing sees the name of your card, sit down!” �“�“ and they all sit down!

Typically, the old Mental Epic had none of this kind of build-up, none of this suspense, none of this brand of routining, and no killer finish: The final prediction was revealed and that was that. With killer epic, Whit Haydn introduces his crowd-pleasing total spectator involvement and spectacular finish that leaves audiences breathless!

Just look at the features of this sensational effect: The jumbo-size slate can easily be seen from the back of the house and yet is perfectly suitable for parlor work. The slate features a Dry-Erase writing surface �“�“ no messy chalk! What’s more, the reverse side of the slate is a full-sized, ungimmicked writing surface suitable for any mentalism effects! (Using the slate for other routines takes the “heat” off, and convinces any skeptical onlookers that it’s just a slate!) The slate is quality constructed, framed in durable gleaming metal, and the gimmick is smooth and quiet. The best news is, of course, that killer epic features Whit Haydn’s time-tested routine and patter featuring his no-force, killer ending (hey, that’s why we call it “Killer”)! Whit Haydn’s killer epic comes with jumbo slate, colorful numbered frame covers, marking pen, deck of cards specially prepared for this effect, and Whit’s complete Performance & Instruction Video that includes special tips on handling, audience involvement and patter.
Date Added: Feb 16th, 2004

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