Insider by Jay Sankey

Insider by Jay Sankey

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Jay Sankey – Insider

  • 'INSIDER' is the next step in the evolution of 'impossible location' effects featuring a whole new world of extraordinary magic and mentalism with a wonderfully ORDINARY object: a window envelope.

  • With the brilliant 'INSIDER' gimmicks you can cause playing cards, written predictions, dollar bills, business cards, photographs, paper napkins, baseball cards, book pages, letters, file cards and even a SIGNED PLAYING CARD to visually appear, vanish and transform inside a legitimately SEALED envelope!

  • The sealed envelope can even be trapped INSIDE A CLEAR PLASTIC BAGGIE and the incredibly visual magic STILL happens.

  • The SPECTATOR even opens the envelope and removes the object.

  • Give away the envelope as a killer souvenir OR use the SAME ENVELOPE again and again for many performances.

  • Includes 10 specially-designed envelopes (3.5 inches x 5.5 inches) and innovative gimmicks + full-length DVD featuring 12 insane magic and mentalism effects including 'Signed,' 'Outer Layer,' 'Incremental,' 'Cocoon,' 'Foto,' 'World Bank' and more! (Read complete descriptions of the effects at the bottom of this page.)

  • Perfect for street magicians, stand-up performers, mentalists and even birthday party magicians.

  • Super portable. The envelopes are small enough to fit in the back pocket of your jeans.

  • Requires only BASIC sleight-of-hand.

  • Can be performed in the nude. No awkward 'slides,' rubber cement on envelopes, or secret tears are involved.

  • No refills required. (Close the flap of the envelope with a paperclip or sticker instead of licking it.)

  • ADDED BONUS! Jay shares his 'MARKED BILL CONVINCER' for the first time ever. Unlimited applications for magicians and mentalists.

  • Also recommended: INSIDER [REFILL PACKS]



    "When Jay first showed it to me I had no clue about the method. 'Insider' comes complete with Awesome Sauce Technique and Holy Mother Mongoose Reactions!"-Danny Garcia

    "Sankey's 'INSIDER' is absolutely devious. A killer method combined with a kick ass collection of effects."-Richard Sanders

    "Insider is the coolest trick I've purchased in years."-Craig Watson

    "I gotta say that INSIDER is the bomb! So clever, so easy, and so full with potential for dozens of applications. I performed Unsigned the other day for 25 people and the reactions were incredible. My spec who ripped open the envelope kept looking into the envelope, back at the card, again into the envelope, then the card again…and could only mutter "No way" at the end. This is up there with your finest effects."-Jeff Kirschner

    "Insider is one of the most visual pieces of magic I've seen in a long time. Easy to do and killer magic. What more could you want!?"-Jeff Stone

    "The reactions from Insider have been awesome. Thank you for sharing such a well thought out trick! The possibilities have been keeping me up ay night"-Richard Thomas Littlefield

    "Jay has created one of the best effects with a signed card you can possibly do. Like Jay says, 'it's real magic.'"-Mike Stewart

    "I just can't decide which effect I want to start showing people first. All the routines Jay teaches on the DVD are killer. Insider is going to be perfect for my stand-up gigs."-Sonny Smith

    "I've watched most of Jay Sankey DVDs and read all of his books and I think 'Insider' is up there with the cleverest of his ideas!"-Andi Gladwin

    "First Hardcore, now Insider. Sankey is on a total ROLL. Amazing stuff."-Yves Charles

    "It looks amazingly cool and totally baffling."-Eric Eicher



    A Holy Grail of magic. A myth made real. A freely selected and SIGNED playing card visually appears inside a legitimately SEALED envelope! Hand out the envelope as an IMPOSSIBLE souvenir with the signed card STILL INSIDE!


    An astounding 3-phase mentalism routine involving a correct prediction and a torn corner, with the prediction suddenly vanishing and visually appearing inside the sealed envelope!


    The 'jewel in the Insider crown.' Any small object (selected card, borrowed bill, etc) visually appears inside the sealed envelope while the envelope is trapped inside an ORDINARY clear plastic baggie!


    After closely examining the envelope, a spectator licks the flap and seals it shut. The spectator then sticks an ordinary postage stamp any

PLEASE NOTE: This item is a digital download ,Gimmick not included

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