Horrors of the Orient by Docc Hilford
Horrors of the Orient by Docc Hilford

Horrors of the Orient by Docc Hilford

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Seance theater is better than it’s ever been before.
The days of a simple recreation of Victorian parlor amusements are gone!
The public knows the scene now.
They want what Hollywood and Tokyo offer.
The Evil Dead, Ju-on, Cannibal Holocaust are all classic horror films.
But they’re tame to today’s audiences.
The public is sophisticated.
They want entertainment that they’ve never seen before.

That’s what makes mentalism so exciting; not only to perform, but to experience.
Seance theater can be so much more these days than it ever has been.
Horrors of the Orient is a theatrical seance that meets the desires of today’s audiences, and the requirements of the one-man show.
In order to do some really amazing physical manifestations, the theatrical medium often needs an accomplice.
But not with Horrors of the Orient.

In this download you’ll learn an unknown medium’s grip.
As far as we know, this technique has never seen print before.
It’s a ruse that’s been guarded by a few practicing, open mediums in Manila, Philippines.
We have arranged to release this truly stunning technique for a limited time.
There are several benefits to, what we call the Aswang Medium’s Grip.

  • You don’t need to sit around a table.
  • You don’t need complete, black-out darkness.
  • And best of all, you can use it with a single sitter if you wish!

Classic grips can’t allow for such flexibility.
You sit facing the sitter and hold her with both hands, yet when the lights go out, you’re as free as with the well known classic technique.

second medium’s grip included is also a rare technique.
While the medium is undeniably known to be in a chair, in a corner, at the window, or any other place, spirits throw cushions, write messages or speak through trumpets.
This beautiful, albeit simple technique is new to us and included in Horrors of the Orient as a bonus.

The full seance is really something different.
Horrors of the Orient is NOT a spirit seance.
It’s a demonic seance.

Based on Philippine mythology of the Aswang and more specifically the Mananggal, in Horrors of the Orient the medium calls a horrific, flying, blood sucking, clawed demon to appear and do what the medium demands.
With a little adaptation, all of the exploitation from spook shows gone by, can be applied to this exciting seance.

Like these…
“Feel the needle like tongue of the Mananggal as it painlessly drains your blood!”
“Hear the screams of the Aswang as it tries to confuse you and drive you into the razor claws of it’s master, the demon!”
“It’s all alive!”
“And all happening in your living room!”

There are seven strong separate physical manifestations that will shock your audience.
They experience screaming, flying creatures that honestly fool the sharpest skeptic.
We’re way beyond table rapping here.
Because Horrors of the Orient is theatrically written, it can be modified for each performance.
You can tone things down or tighten the terror up, depending on your audience.
Everything leads to a planned climax.

Best of all, Horrors of the Orient uses only a few simple props.
As an homage to the classic manuscript, Spook Show in your Parlor, Horrors of the Orient is designed so you can have the few needed items on you at all times!
The sitters can sit all around the room comfortably.
No need for a central table and chairs.

Horrors of the Orient seems to be 100% impromptu, if you wish it to be.
The darkness required is no more than typical for a room at night with the drapes pulled.

Horrors of the Orient uses the Wizard’s Manual as a test of proof.
Already an established crowd pleaser, the Wizard’s Manual is cranked up to full speed in Horrors of the Orient.

  • If you want to learn the knack of seance theater as art…
  • If you want to learn the difficult timing that’s so different in the dark…
  • If you’ve wanted to do home parties, or black box theater…
  • Horrors of the Orient is perfect for you.

You can’t mess up the play.
It has a solid, proven, amazing, core with the Wizard’s Manual.
All you have to do is listen.

Horrors of the Orient explains a lot of first hand information about really working seance theater.
You’ll learn some inside pointers that will help you give the best performance your audience has ever witnessed.

All on an MP3 audio file that runs 1:45:00.

Horrors of the Orient will be officially released later this year.
But right now, for anyone who buys the Wizard’s Manual at the member price of $129.00 (That’s a savings of $20 off the retail price), you can download Horrors of the Orient at NO CHARGE!


Sorry, but because this is a pre-release, we cannot offer it at no charge to loyal customers who already own a copy of the Wizard’s Manual.
Horrors of the Orient will be for sale soon, and at its release those who own the Wizard’s Manual now can buy the seance theater at a sale price.

NOTICE: There are only 25 of the Wizard’s Manual for sale.
When these are gone, the Horrors of the Orient pre-release sale will end.
Don’t wait.

Everything you need for a Mananggal seance,
Everything you need to know for a Mananggal seance,
Everything you want for a Mananggal seance is at your fingertips!
And it’s FREE!

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