DEVICE RITUAL by Docc Hilford
DEVICE RITUAL by Docc Hilford

DEVICE RITUAL by Docc Hilford

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Do you want to be able to sit with a total stranger and change their life for the better within moments?

The Ritual will do just that – REALLY!

With props small enough to fit in a card box, you can perform a routine packed with amazing demonstrations of your psychic abilities that surpasses EVERY CONTEMPORARY EMOTION BASED READING stunt like the space shuttle surpasses a kite!

This is no exaggeration.

From the GENIUS mind of LEONARDO SILVERIO in Brazil.

The creative man who helped Docc create, 1 Card Q&A, has brought an AMAZING way to stand above every other mentalist in the crowd.

The Ritual is a healing practice that truly works.

It’s a routine that moves seamlessly from one natural effect to another and each step moves the participant as well.

The participant is not merely amazed, but changed.

The best feature is that the ritual can do ABSOLUTELY NO HARM.

The mentalist cannot give bad advice because The Ritual, by it’s very nature, gives PERFECT ADVICE that the client will use – GUARANTEED!

The set consists of FOUR 45 MINUTE AUDIO MP3 files.

Look at some of what they contain.


•  Details of all the props you’ll need.

•  A clever and easy way to introduce The Device in the most natural manner you could ever imagine.

•  An original, Silverio-style, invisible switch of The Device done right in front of the audience.

•  How to make the gimmick, the switch and even the method FORGOTTEN.

•  An outline of all the effects in The Ritual explained in order.

•  An INCREDIBLE NEW mental force that guarantees the client finds something personal in her mind – and that YOU KNOW THE SAME MENTAL CHOICE! – Because you control her metal choice.

•  All this is done without you knowing ANY of the information.

•  You’ll also learn how to turn a casual demonstration into a POWERFUL and ENGAGING interlude.

•  You can do this is a few moments.


•  How to induce a trance state while revealing the client’s first thought.

•  How to guide the client to discover a REAL negative aspect of their life.

•  An AMAZING technique that changes this wonderful mentalism effect into a LIFE CHANGING event!

•  A prediction effect where the subject SEES HIS OWN FUTURE!


Scripts and dialog that make The Ritual almost self working.

•  Chapter 1 – Why It Works

The inside stuff

•  Chapter 2 – Bringing Out the Problem

Secretly helping the client to discover their true negative

•  Chapter 3 – I Can’t Think Of Anything

When a subject is mental cold, you can help clear their mind

•  Chapter 4 – Feedback Script

How to do the most difficult stunt in mentalism – reveal secret information

•  Chapter 5 – The Real Secret

The 10 steps to changing the participant’s life from the inside

•  Chapter 6 – Alcoholism, Etc.

What about truly deep and disturbing problems?


More scripts and dialog PLUS original NEW EFFECTS.

•  Chapter 7 – An Illustration Tale

A Docc story about his psychic office for exotic dancers

•  Chapter 8 – Uniqueness

The key to turning an audience of one into a client

•  Chapter 9 – Test Examples

Real life examples of people who experienced The DEVICE Ritual

•  Chapter 10 – A POWERFUL Force

It’s NOT Equivoque or Pateo, but oh so smooth!


•  Chapter 11 – A Chart

The Ritual includes a card / chart for the clients

All this translates into a POWERFUL routine that will make you the life of the party or the king of the pub.

Yet if you decide to charge for this amazing experience, you will have the tools to do office work tomorrow.

Without the chance of hurting anyone with bad advice.

The Ritual is one of the 5 best mental / healing / reading routines I’ve seen in the past 40 years!

You Get:

VOLUME 1 – 45 Minute MP3 Audio File

VOLUME 2 – 45 Minute MP3 Audio File

VOLUME 3 – 45 Minute MP3 Audio File

VOLUME 4 – 45 Minute MP3 Audio File

A 25 page PDF e-Book Presentational Guide 

NOTE - The Ritual is best performed by utilizing The Device.

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