DEDUCE by Moustapha Berjaoui (Instant Download)

DEDUCE by Moustapha Berjaoui (Instant Download)

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“It’s very interesting. Clever and smart.” - Jonathan Levit

“Deduce is an incredibly organic chair test, using borrowed items, that feels so fair, and yet you still know everything.” - John Morton

“If you like chair test, you will love this one! A hidden gem method adapted to a stage performance in order to create an engaging and powerful routine!” - Luca Volpe

“In Deduce, Moustapha Berjaoui has created something quite wonderful. He has taken the principles from an old classic and transformed it into something new. It is elegant and clean. If executed in a manner that appears carefree and playful, Deduce offers an experience to spectators that is both fun and mysterious!" - Andy Morgan

“‘Deduce’ can be done in any situation. The secret is so devious, it’s made simple to do and it’s so undetectable that it will look like you have real mind reading powers because you could literally be locked in another room and afterwards still know everything! I’ve never done a chair test before but this is one that I can’t wait to perform!” - Larry Soffer

Imagine this; there are three chairs, stack of money and a table. Each chair has a different amount of money. The Performer chooses three random spectators to participate in this demonstration.

The performer then borrows a watch, a key and a ring and turns his back to the 3 participants, takes out a blind fold from his pocket along with some more cash (a stack of money) because the performer is feeling lucky today. The performer proceeds by telling the participants to choose any object they like and hide it and sit on any chair they fancy, while also taking some notes from that extra stack of money and hide them as well.

Now, the performer removes his blindfold, turn around and face the participants, performer informs them that he was actually influencing them the whole time, by choosing what the participants each to “freely”take. Performer further demonstrates by telling the participants who has which item they took, and how much money each participant has in total.

Additionally the performer also points out to the written prediction he already prepared that includes the amount of money that is still left for him.

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